Halloween in Tivoli 2021

Halloween in Tivoli 2021

Tivoli gardens

Tivoli is many things, but first of all, it is an amusement park. It is quite old, as it has been founded in 1843. The gardens in the name come from the fact that the whole area is a really nice place for a stroll and relaxation. As Tivoli is located in the center of Copenhagen, it did not have much space to expand to. Therefore, what it focuses on, is the atmosphere. And the atmosphere is just awesome. This is proved by the fact that Tivoli is the world’s most – visited seasonal theme park!

There are many restaurants and little shops around.  Tivoli has also a lot of activities to offer: during summer you can experience open-air concerts, and throughout the year see some plays, musicals. Every night the park lights up with lights and every day there is a light show on the lake where fire, light, and water elements are used to complement amazing music.


Halloween is back in Tivoli, so are you ready for the annual spooky yet cozy visit? If you have time between 14th October and 7th November, make sure to check the park out.

The park is adorned yet again with lights, ghosts, spiders, scarecrows, and more than 20,000 pumpkins. Explore the many stalls selling monsters, ghosts, pumpkins, and delicious food. It is impossible to walk past roasted almonds and not buy any!

Every year Tivoli looks different, so even if you have already had a chance to see the gardens in previous years, you won’t be disappointed if you go again!

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