Forgotten Giants of Copenhagen

Sleeping Louis

If you are looking for an alternative way to discover the Copenhagen area and see some off the beaten track attractions, why not go Giant hunting!
Grab a map, a bike, and explore! What a better way to see the surrounding of Copenhagen than on a bike! After all, Copenhagen is one of the best places on earth to bike!!!

The Forgotten Giants

The Forgotten Giants is an artistic project in the western municipalities of Copenhagen. Six Giants sculptures are hidden in beautiful places among forests, meadows, and by calm waters in Copenhagen.
They came to live as a project where the artist, Thomas Dambo, tries to encourage people to explore more nature and discover new beautiful places. All sculptures are made solely from local scrapwood and recycled material!

How to start

If you want a small challenge and adventure, download the map prepared by the artist. It does not show you the exact location, so you will have to search the surrounding yourself 🙂 If you get stuck, type in Google Maps “forgotten giants” for accurate placing.

Map from Thomas Dambo’s website

The Giants

Sleeping Louis

Louis hides in the bushes on a tiny hill in Rødovre. He was named after Thomas’ old assistant Louis from Bristol, England that came back to Copenhagen for a visit and worked hard to help finish the sculpture.

Sleeping Louis

Hill Top Trine

Trine is resting on top of a little hill in Hvidovre. She is named after one of the volunteers who worked on one of the other hidden giants.

Oscar Under The Bridge

Oscar, as his name suggests, hides under one of the bridges. He is named after an artist from Chile who visited Thomas and helped him build the sculpture.

Oscar under the bridge

Little Tilde

Little Tilde hides among the trees at the side of a small lake. Inside Tilde, there are 28 birdhouses for the birds to seek shelter when winter hits Vallensbæk Mose. She is named after a local that helped building her.
Out of all sculptures, she is my favorite!

Little Tilde

Thomas On The Mountain

Thomas is lazying around a small hill. And we all know a hill in Copenhagen can be as well called a mountain 🙂
The giant is named after Thomas Dambo’s intern, also named Thomas, who has been a considerable part of the Forgotten Giants project and helped create all six sculptures.

Thomas on the mountain

Teddy Friendly

Teddy Friendly is standing at the water stream, near the lake, holding his hand and helping people to cross. He was named after a friendly and hardworking teacher that was a part of the team that helped to build him.

Teddy Friendly

What else?

But this treasure hunt is not only about tracking all the hidden Giants. Not until I’ve made this small bike trip, I discovered how beautiful the Copenhagen surrounding is! All the fantastic views, animals, flowers. It was a beautiful day full of fun!

And if you feel like more art, one of the Giants is hidden quite close to the ARKEN Museum of modern art. So go and check it out 🙂

The Journey to The Giant Troldefolkefest

Did you enjoy The Forgotten Giants? I have great news! During Summer 2020, ten more giants will be hidden around Denmark as a part of “The Journey to The Giant Troldefolkefest” project. To start the hunt, use TrollMap.com and go on an epic adventure!

Happy hunting!

If you are interested in more projects by the artist, check out also his website. Apparently, the Giants are not only living in Denmark! 🙂

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