Halloween in Tivoli 4
It’s Halloween season! And that means a lot of decorations, pumpkins and lights all around Copenhagen! And the best place to experience the spirit of Halloween are Tivoli gardens. If you never visited Tivoli, you should and what season can be better than now? Tivoli gardens Tivoli is many things, […]

Halloween in Tivoli

Jægersborg Dyrehave 2
Unfortunately the summer is over but that does not mean you have to stay confined in a house! Autumn is perfect time for a stroll in Dyrehaven (Deer Park)! It is a park located in Kgs. Lygby (20 min ride from Copenhagen), where you are able to spot different kinds […]

Jægersborg Dyrehave

Bergen 6
Bergen is a really stunning city with old, wooden houses surrounded by seven mountain, though it is little unclear which are those exactly. It is perfect city to visit and go for a hike. And let's not forget, Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage City!

City among the seven mountains: Bergen

Kulturnatten 2016
Every year in October the doors to museums, government institutions open for the public. During this one night you can go to places that are usually not accessible for a “normal” person, get a guided tour and ask all the questions! In some places you are treated to some nice […]

Kulturnatten 2016

Trolltunga 3
After seeing the picture of this cliff everywhere for couple years now I had to finally go there too!! So I sat down one day in front of the computer and looked for the first available date and booked flight to Bergen. What is Trolltunga: Trolltunga is an amazing looking […]


Lindholm Høje
Lindholm Høje is an old Viking burial site with ~700 graves and stone ships that is located close to Aalborg. The burial site is open 24/7, however in the evening there are goats running around so try not to provoke them;p

Roadtrip in Denmark: Lindholm Høje

I think Grenen is the most well know place in Denmark. You might know of it from its other name: the top of Denmark. It is also a place where you can stand in the two seas at the same time!

Roadtrip in Denmark: Grenen

Den Tilsandede Kirke
Den Tilsandede Kirke also known as The Buried Church is a church from 14th century. During 18th century it slowly became devoured by sand. The villagers tried to fight with nature for many years but it was a futile fight and they had to give up.

Roadtrip in Denmark: Den Tilsandede Kirke

Råbjerg Mile
Råbjerg Mile is the largest moving dune in Northern Europe! The movment of the dune has not been stopped to allow people to expirience the amazing and scary power of the nature.

Roadtrip in Denmark: Råbjerg Mile

Rubjerg Knude Fyr
Rubjerg Knude Fyr is a lighthouse that is standing on the edge of the cliff! Due to the moving sands the landmark will fall into the sea in 15-20 year, so visit while you can!

Roadtrip in Denmark: Rubjerg Knude Fyr

Bulbjerg also called "The Shoulder of Jutland" is an amazing looking 47 m high limestone cliff that is the only rock formation and bird cliff on Danish mainland. And that means there are a lot of cute birds hidden in the rocks:)

Roadtrip in Denmark: Bulbjerg

The Bunker Museum Hirtshals 10th Battery
Hirtshals is a harbour town. Actually there are two harbours - fishing harbour and ferry one. I have only driven through, so can't say much about the city itself as my goal was The Bunker Museum Hirtshals 10th Battery.

Roadtrip in Denmark: Hirtshals

Fur island 2
Fur is a small island in the Limfjord.It is easy to get to, as there is 24/7 ferry service and the whole trip take whole 4 minutes!! You won't be able to notice the ferry started and you are already there!

Roadtrip in Denmark: Fur

Højriis Castle
Højriis Slot is a manor house dating back to 15th century. Out of all manors and castles that I was at, this one was the most entertaining so far. When you enter the manor grounds you are transported to year 1929 and you have to solve a murder mystery.

Roadtrip in Denmark: Højriis Slot

Mønsted Limestone Caves
The Mønsted Limestone Mine is the largest limestone mine in the world. There are around 60km of tunnels, out of which 2 km are illuminated. It is also the largest hibernation place for bats.

Roadtrip in Denmark: Mønsted Kalkgruber

Rømø is an island where you can find widest beach in Europe. I ended up there just by accident and it was the best random decision I have made!

Roadtrip in Denmark: Rømø

Mandø is an island close to Ribe. What makes this island amazing, is that you have to plan a trip there according to the tides. Twice a day it is not possible to get there due to a road being underwater!

Roadtrip in Denmark: Mandø

Ribe 2
Ribe is Denmark's and Scandinavian's oldest town, established in the early eighth century. As Ribe is really old city, you can find a lot of firsts and only's in this place.

Roadtrip in Denmark: Ribe