Runde Rie

Runde Rie from Roskilde

One day I have checked the weather forecast, and I found out it will be raining everywhere except […]

AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark

AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark

We decided to go to Silkeborg to hunt trolls in Jutland. And somehow the weekend full of trolls […]

My Awesome Brother

Mountain kayaking

For the last couple of years, my brother tried to get me to try mountain kayaking, and finally, […]



Ærø is one of the most picturesque places I have been so far in Denmark. It is a […]

Ales stenar

Ales Stenar

Ales Stenar is an ancient megalithic monument of Sweden. It is the largest and best-preserved ship setting in […]


Halloween in Tivoli 2019

I have been another year, and we are slowly approaching Halloween again. It became my custom that every […]

Reykjadalur Valley

Iceland – Day 6

The last day was the most adventurous of all. Snowmobiles on the Langjökull glacier!!! Can it be even […]

Kerið Crater

Iceland – Day 5

The fifth day was the longest driving-wise. We had ~600km between our accommodations. Additionally, we had to make […]


Iceland – Day 4

The day in Iceland wouldn’t be full if we haven’t visited at least one waterfall, so on the […]


Iceland – Day 3

The third day passed under the theme “Waterfalls” 🙂 We visited several of them (Aldeyjarfoss, Hrafnabjargafoss, Hafragilsfoss, Dettifoss, […]


Iceland – Day 2

On the second day, we had our hotel near Akureyri. After checking in, we decided to head towards […]


Iceland – Day 1

Right after landing on the Reykjavik airport, we picked up the car and started our Iceland adventure! Our […]

Driving through Iceland

Transportation in Iceland

Iceland is way too awesome to only stay in Reykjavik. But to get anywhere, you need to figure […]

Iceland 2


I just came back from Iceland. It was my second trip there, and it was amazing!! The first […]


The Royal Republic of Ladonia

The Royal Republic of Ladonia or Micronation of Ladonia is an artistic installation on the coast of southern […]



I love hiking, rock climbing, in other words, mountains. Unfortunately, Denmark is flat as hell, so it is […]