I “might” have mentioned just couple of times how much I love Onsen 😛 But in case you missed it, I’m just saying, that they were the best part of my day. And I took them 4-5 times a day: before and after breakfast and dinner and right before going […]

How to enjoy Onsen

When you are travelling through Japan you have to sleep in a ryokan at least once!! I did it twice; in Takayama and Hakone. Both of the places are known as hot springs resorts. But you can find those hotels everywhere. Some are more affordable than the other but prepare […]

How to survive stay in ryokan

Sarubobo dolls
I am always looking for souvenirs and amazing tastes when I am travelling. That is why when you are in Takayama you should get your hands on those items! Hida-gyu  (Hida Beef) It  is really famous beef from this region. You probably heard about Kobe beef? This is the same […]

Souvenirs from Takayama

While I was searching for ideas what to do in Takayama I stumbled across pictures from Shirakawa-Go. From the first second I saw them I knew that this is a place I definitely want to go! Shirakawa-Go Ogimachi village in Shirakawa-Go is a beautiful tiny village in the middle of […]

Day trip to Shirakawa-Go

Takayama was my first stop in Japan. Why Takayama? When I was looking into where I wanna go, I realised it’s everywhere… And everywhere as a direction is really hard to plan, just so you know 🙂 I found out that hotels were disappearing like crazy because of hanami season […]

Day in Takayama

Hamlet in Kronborg
When friends decide to pay you a visit, you always think hard where to take them. At least, it is like that in my case. You want to find some cool place, little bit off the beaten path. Of course, Copenhagen city center is the must see, but there is […]

Hamlet in Kronborg

Sakura flowers
Before I write anything about the trip, you should know that this was my DREAM destination! I have wanted to go to Japan for the last 10+ years 🙂 Ever since I have discovered mangas, anime I fell in love with the country, the culture and the language. And so […]

Two weeks in Japan during Sakura season

Il Duomo
Milan is really a nice city if you like shopping. As many before me have said, you either love it or hate it. Initially, my friend and I decided to go there for 3 days filled with just shopping. After the whole day of walking around and checking out every […]

A day in Milan

Trevi Fountain 1
Rome was my favourite city so far. I just fell in love with it. Even though it was only a weekend in Rome, it was just great! If you ask me what is the best time to visit the Eternal City, I will tell you right away it’s WINTER! But […]

A wekeend in Rome

There is only one time during a year I enjoy the cold weather – during my ski holidays! Or rather snowboard, in my case 🙂 This year, my friends and I decided to go to Tignes, France. Why Tignes? First of all, our first choice, St Anton in Austria, was […]

Skiing holidays in Tignes

Transalpina 2
Transalpina It is the highest road in Romania and one of the most spectacular mountain passes in Carpathian Mountains. The road has its highest point at Urdele Pass, where the elevation is 2145m above sea level. It is closed during winter season due to access of snow. So before going there, […]

Roadtrip in Romania: Transalpina

Mamaia Mamaia was a totally unexpected stop of our trip. Our friends had already booked holidays there, so we tagged along for 3 days:D It turned out that after all that travelling, we really needed couple of days of not doing anything and just sitting on the beach next to […]

Roadtrip in Romania: Mamaia

Peles Castle
Let me start with that: THE BEST CASTLE EVER!!! So now that we have established that, let me explain why. Peles and Pelisor are two castles built next to each other. But the Peles is the one, that is the most splendid of all the castles I have ever been […]

Roadtrip in Romania : Peles and Pelisor Castles

Bran Castle
As I mentioned before, Brasov is a great base for a day trips. There are a lot of locations relatively close by that you might want to see and visit. 4 best places to go: Bran Castle Bran castle is also called the Dracula Castle! Well, technically speaking association with […]

Roadtrip in Romania: 4 trips from Brasov

Brasov is another one of seven citadels cities. It is my second favourite city in Romania! It is a perfect base for couple days stay as it is close to many turist attractions in the city as well as little outside of it. What to see in the city: City […]

Roadtrip in Romania: Brasov

We were driving from Sighisoara to Brasov and we decided to take a rather long detour 🙂 But it was totally wroth it! So what is Transfagarasan? Transfagarasan is world’s best road trip according to Top Gear. It is the second highest mountain pass in Romania after the Transalpina. It […]

Roadtrip in Romania: Transfagarasan

Viscri fortified church 2
Viscri Fortified Church is one of the many fortified churches that are located in Transilvania. It is a Lutheran church that has been built around 1100.  In 12th century Saxons arrived to Viscri and they have found a little chapel. Afterwards, the citadel was transformed many times until it became […]

Roadtrip in Romania: Viscri Fortified Church

Sighisoara was the most charming city I visited during my stay in Romania. It was founded during 12th century by Transylvanian Saxons. There are so many reasons that make this city amazing! Some of them are: It is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe It is on the […]

Roadtrip in Romania: Sighisoara

Legoland Billund 2
Legoland Billund It is the original Legoland that is located in Billund, Denmark. It has been opened in 1968 next to original Lego factory. The best part is that it is located next to the airport – Billund Airport that has many cheap airlines! Basically, it is an amusement park […]

Legoland Billund

Vallåsen 2
Vallasen It is the ski resort that is really close to Copenhagen (only 110km) so it is a perfect place for one day trip. There are 2,6km of slopes available with 5 different lifts (two chairlifts and three draglifts). The degree of difficulty is varying, from slopes that are really […]

One day skiing trip from Copenhagen: Vallasen