Roadtrip in Romania: Salina Turda

Next stop in our trip was Salina Turda. It is an old salt mine that is now open to the public and has a small amusement park inside.

According to Wikipedia:

 Salina Turda was ranked by Business Insider as the most beautiful underground place in the world and is ranked 22 among the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world.

I really liked the place, it is one humongous chamber and regretted not taking a boat ride inside.

Gabi & Adi wedding-107

On the bright side I did try the ferris wheel and it was worth it. In the mine you can also find amphitheater, an underground lake , spa treatment rooms, bowling alley, mini-golf, sport field, table tennis, pool tables.

The entrance fee is 20 lei for an adult which is ~4.5 Euro. All attractions in the mine are paid extra.

Here is the link to the schedule and prices.


+ The mine looks amazing and it is unforgettable experience.

+ Unique place in the world

+ Entrance is relatively cheap (4.5Euro)

– All attractions inside the mine are paid extra

– Hard to find the place (If we didn’t follow our friends our GPS would not have led us correctly)

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