Roadtrip in Romania: Cluj-Napoca

The statue of Matthias Corvinus and St. Michael’s Church

After Turda we headed  to Cluj-Napoca, where we booked our hotel. We decided to visit this city as it is one of Siebenbürgen – seven walled citadels.

Driving in this city was a nightmare, we ended up driving through one big building site. A lot of the roads were missing asphalt that was being replaced. Adding to that the impatience of Romanians and the way they drive, it was a challenge!

After Bucharest, Cluj is the second most populous city in Romania. The city itself didn’t leave a big impression on me to be honest. A city like a city.

There were couple of nice landmarks, especially churches.

And they were building new church, which looks like it is going to be huge.


In many of the cities we stumbled upon Capitoline Wolf Statue (Romulus & Remus being feed by wolf). This is because Romania was under Roman rule and that can be actually seen in their language, which is not similar to any of the neighbouring languages and more to languages from latin family.


For getting around it is enough to use your foot. I like walking around the cities instead of using transport as you get a chance to see much more and you can stumble upon some hidden gems.

 From the stories we heard the city is a bustling with the student life but after a whole day of walking I was too tired to try any of those attractions 🙂

+ A lot of nice churches

+ One of seven citadels

– Horrible traffic conditions

– A little bit boring

If I were to go to Romania again I would have skipped this place and went to some other location.

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