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Every year I was going for holidays somewhere else than Denmark  and every single year I missed those couple days of sunshine.

This year I decided it’s time to discover Denmark during summer. Why I didn’t do it during 5 years I am here?  “Because what can be interesting in Denmark , huh ?” thinking 😉  And belive me, all my Danish friends thought I am crazy to spend my holidays driving through Jutland.

They were so wrong!

I would have never ever thought I would be able to experience so many different places in Denmark!

Some of the places  that you can visit and see in Jutland:

  • The largest moving dune in Northern Europe
  • The world’s largest limestone mine
  • The widest beach in Europe
  • A place where two seas meet
  • An island that is cut off the land twice a day
  • The largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world
  • The highest mountain in Denmark

and much more!!

If you want to know more details about the places I went to and see some of the photos that I took, check out the detailed entries on my blog ;]

The plan

I didn’t have a clear plan before going, I googled a lot of places and just wanted to see as much as possible without rushing too much in 5 days that I had. Below you can see how my trip came out.

I was going with a car and was booking hotels as I went as I was not sure where I would land in. All hotels were around 700kr per night for 3 people, so it wasn’t that bad 😉

Jutland Road Trip




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