Roadtrip in Denmark: Hirtshals

Hirtshals is a harbour town. Actually there are two harbours – fishing harbour and ferry one. I have only driven through, so can’t say much about the city itself as my goal was The Bunker Museum Hirtshals 10th Battery.

It is  Denmark’s only excavated, complete German defense installation from the II  World War that is open to the public. There is one totally renovated bunker that you can visit and see how it looked during war. However if you feel adventurous you can wander around and peek into all bunkers. Just remember to bring the torchlight!

There are 54 bunkers spread around and connected with each other. If you are lazy enough, you can take a train that will go around the compound and see some bunkers from it.

Come back tomorrow to read about Bulbjerg!

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