Zakopane – winter capital of Poland

Tatra Mountains

Zakopane, called the winter capital of Poland, is a lovely town situated at the foothills of the majestic Tatra mountains. But Zakopane is a place to visit in every season, not only in the winter. It offers incredible views and unforgettable experiences all year round. I am pretty sentimental about the place as I used … Read more

Lumagica – Spooky LumiNights

Spooky LumiNights

“LUMAGICA – Spooky LumiNights” is a light festival with fantastic light art and music. As you stroll through the area, you will pass by the illuminated spooky pumpkins, spiders, and skeletons. You will see enormous shimmering and gleaming sculptures, light corridors, and light shows that illuminate your path. In the heart of the light festival, … Read more

Włodarz – mysterious Project Riese


Włodarz, an underground complex built in the Włodarz mountain massif (Wolfberg in German, Wolf’s Mountain in English), was the last Riese complexes we visited during our tour.  Project Riese (Giant) continues to be one of the most mysterious construction projects of II WW conducted in the region of the Owl Mountains by Nazi Germany. Currently, four … Read more

Książ Castle – the Pearl of Lower Silesia

Książ Castle

Książ Castle (Fürstenstein in German), located in Lower Silesia, is the third-largest castle in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe, with over 400 rooms (about 600 if you include service rooms). The castle stands proudly atop a steep cliff overlooking the nearby verdant valleys, covered with trees and flowing creeks. The beautiful gardens … Read more

Grodno Castle – The Guardian of Silesian Valley

Grodno Castle

Grodno Castle (Kynsburg, Königsberg) stands on the summit of Mount Choina overlooking the Bystrzyca River.  In the early years of its existence, it belonged to the Silesian dukes of the Piast dynasty and was one of the largest castles in the entire region. The stronghold was built for defensive purposes strategically on the mountain to guard the … Read more

Walimskie Drifts – mysterious Project Riese 

Walimskie Drifts

Project Riese (Giant) is one of the most mysterious construction projects of II WW. It was conducted in the region of the Owl Mountains by Nazi Germany. Even now, so many years after the II WW, no one is sure what the exact purpose was; was it quarters for the Supreme Command of the Third … Read more