Vestvolden – Copenhagen’s fortifications


If you are looking for an exciting area for a bike ride or just a stroll, check the Copenhagen fortifications – Vestvolden – one of the longest and best-preserved ramparts in the world. After being defeated by Germany in 1864, Denmark discerned the need to protect the capital. Thus in 1885-1894, a vast fortification ring … Read more

Lange Liv from Amager Vest & Avedøre

Lange Liv

Lange Liv from Amager Vest & Avedøre is the third troll from the new series of trolls called “The Huge Troll Festival (den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest)“. Having already visited four others (Trolls in Denmark), I wanted to get a step closer to completing my troll list and decided to pay Liv a visit. I chose Liv as getting to … Read more