Gundsømagle Sø – Zealand’s largest reed forest

Gundsømagle Sø

While looking for unique places to visit and quench my thirst for adventure, I stumbled upon pictures of a narrow plank bridge leading deep into a marsh full of reeds. Without any hesitation, I decided to head to Gundsømagle Sø and its reed ‘forest’! Gundsømagle Sø The Gundsømagle Sø area is popular among bird watchers … Read more

Jellingstenene – Denmark’s birth certificate


Jellingstenene (The Jelling stones) are two large rune stones from the tenth century located in the town of Jelling in the middle of the Jutland peninsula. It is difficult to overstate the historical importance of the runestones in Danish history, as both of them contain the earliest written accounts of “Denmark” as an entity. The larger of … Read more

Vestvolden – Copenhagen’s fortifications


If you are looking for an exciting area for a bike ride or just a stroll, check the Copenhagen fortifications – Vestvolden – one of the longest and best-preserved ramparts in the world. After being defeated by Germany in 1864, Denmark discerned the need to protect the capital. Thus in 1885-1894, a vast fortification ring … Read more

Lange Liv from Amager Vest & Avedøre

Lange Liv

Lange Liv from Amager Vest & Avedøre is the third troll from the new series of trolls called “The Huge Troll Festival (den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest)“. Having already visited four others (Trolls in Denmark), I wanted to get a step closer to completing my troll list and decided to pay Liv a visit. I chose Liv as getting to … Read more

Faxe Kalkbrud – world’s oldest fossilized deep-water coral reef

Faxe Kalkbrud

Faxe Kalkbrud (Faxe Limestone Quarry), with its turquoise blue waters and pristine white cliffs, lies only an hour away from Copenhagen and makes for a fantastic day trip for adults and kids alike, who dream of being archeologists – or just like smashing stones, like me 😉 The Story of the Limestone Quarry in Faxe … Read more