Recap of 2020

2020 Recap

When 2020 started, I imagined it very differently – as most of us probably did. I had many travel plans and different goals. But then, thanks to someone’s dinner in China, we all had to change our aspirations for the year… I am among the lucky ones that did not feel many of the consequences … Read more

Christmas in Bakken 2020

Christmas in Bakken 2020

Bakken (Dyrehavsbakken) is an amusement park located near Klampenborg, about 10 km north of central Copenhagen. It opened in 1583 and is the world’s oldest operating amusement park! When I think about the Christmas atmosphere in Copenhagen, my mind usually centers around Tivoli and the inner city. So imagine my surprise when I went for … Read more

Christmas in Tivoli 2020

Christmas in Tivoli 2020

More than a week ago, I booked a trip to Tivoli for Tuesday the 8th. A couple of days later, a press conference announced that Copenhagen’s life is coming to a halt yet again. Fortunately for me, that was scheduled to happen Wednesday the 9th, giving me a chance to see Christmas Tivoli. As always, … Read more

Kaptajn Nalle from Nordhavnen

Kaptajn Nalle from Nordhavnen

Kaptajn Nalle found in Nordhavnen, Copenhagen is the first troll from the new series of trolls called “The Huge Troll Festival (den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest)”. Having already visited two others during the summer (Stærke Storm from Silkeborg and Runde Rie from Roskilde), a late autumn stroll through Copenhagen’s northern harbor area to complete the troll hunt seemed … Read more

Elmelunde Church

Elmelunde Church

Elmelunde is the oldest church on the island of Møn. It dates back to 1085!! What is remarkable about that particular church are the frescoes (kalkmalerier) from the 15th century. The frescos depict scenes from the Bible and daily life.  They were painted by Elmelunde Master, who painted the frescoes in the churches of Elmelunde, … Read more

Gedser Odde – Denmark’s southernmost point

Gedser Odde

We visited Gedser right after arriving from Norway for a small family holiday in the summer house. The whole neighborhood is known for three things: ferry to Germany, sommer cottages, and the point that is the most south part of Denmark. Ferry to Germany It takes 2 hours to get to Rostock, and then you … Read more

The Black Trout Adit

Black Trout Adit

The Black Trout Adit in Tarnowskie Góry is an underground tourist route in Poland that allows you to explore a flooded mine shaft by boat. The guides use the mine shaft’s surrounding walls to pull the boats forward with their strength while telling stories and legends related to mining. It is one of those unusual … Read more

Energylandia 2020


I visited Energylandia in Zator (Poland) for the first time in 2016. Back then, it was just a regular amusement park with a couple of interesting rides. It was fun, but nothing exceptional compared to some bigger amusement parks I have visited. Four years have gone by, and Energylandia is now, by far, one of … Read more

Eremitageslottet in Dyrehaven


Eremitageslottet Eremitageslottet, or the Hermitage Hunting Lodge, was Christian VI’s hunting lodge built in 1734-36 in the middle of Dyrehaven (Deer Park) to host royal banquets after hunting. It is actually the second building of this kind in the surrounding area. The first hunting lodge on the site, the Hubertus chalet (Hubertushuset), was built for … Read more

Copenahgen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest Zoos in Europe, established in 1859. It spreads over 11 hectares, and it is Denmarks 4th most visited attraction. In recent years, it has been going through many renovations to replace cages with enclosures that recreate animals’ natural environments and make their life more comfortable. You can see … Read more

Runde Rie from Roskilde

Runde Rie

One day I have checked the weather forecast, and I found out it will be raining everywhere except a tiny spot around Roskilde. So I looked into different exciting activities in the neighborhood, and Runde Rie popped up 🙂 Runde Rie is another troll that is part of Huge Troll Festival (den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest). It is hidden somewhere … Read more

Stærke Storm from Silkeborg

Stærke Storm

A couple of months ago, in a post about Forgotten Giants of Copenhagen, I mentioned that there would be ten new Giants popping up around Denmark in the Huge Troll Festival (den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest). So when we got a chance to go to Jutland, we decided to do a troll hunt in Silkeborg 🙂 Huge … Read more

AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark

AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark

We decided to go to Silkeborg to hunt trolls in Jutland. And somehow the weekend full of trolls ended up being totally not about trolls 😀 The first unplanned and unexpected place we visited to recommend 110% is “AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark“. It is Northern Europe’s only freshwater aquarium, and it’s so worth visiting. We … Read more

Ales Stenar

Ales stenar

Ales Stenar is an ancient megalithic monument of Sweden. It is the largest and best-preserved ship setting in Sweden. It consists of 59 stone boulders, being 67 meters long and 19 meters wide made in the shape of a longship. The Ales Stenar were placed on the cliff 1,400 years ago, although they stand over … Read more