I “might” have mentioned just couple of times how much I love Onsen πŸ˜› But in case you missed it, I’m just saying, that they were the best part of my day. And I took them 4-5 times a day: before and after breakfast and dinner and right before going […]

How to enjoy Onsen

When you are travelling through Japan you have to sleep in a ryokan at least once!! I did it twice; in Takayama and Hakone. Both of the places are known as hot springs resorts. But you can find those hotels everywhere. Some are more affordable than the other but prepare […]

How to survive stay in ryokan

Sarubobo dolls
I am always looking for souvenirs and amazing tastes when I am travelling. That is why when you are in Takayama you should get your hands on those items! Hida-gyuΒ  (Hida Beef) ItΒ  is really famous beef from this region. You probably heard about Kobe beef? This is the same […]

Souvenirs from Takayama

While I was searching for ideas what to do in Takayama I stumbled across pictures from Shirakawa-Go. From the first second I saw them I knew that this is a place I definitely want to go! Shirakawa-Go Ogimachi village in Shirakawa-Go is a beautiful tiny village in the middle of […]

Day trip to Shirakawa-Go

Takayama was my first stop in Japan. Why Takayama? When I was looking into where I wanna go, I realised it’s everywhere… And everywhere as a direction is really hard to plan, just so you know πŸ™‚ I found out that hotels were disappearing like crazy because of hanami season […]

Day in Takayama