Vallø Slot is another one of castles that are scattered around Denmark. It has been built around 1500. What is interesting about this place is that Queen Sophia Magdalene in 1737 founded the Noble Vallø Foundation for Unmarried Daughters and the manor provided residence to those woman. Even nowadays it […]

Vallø Slot

This is really nice palace to go and see, especially because it is still occupied by Queen and Prince 3 months in the spring and 3 months in autumn.   The palace is also used as a place to meet foreign officials or to celebrate important events in the royal family. […]

Fredensborg Slot

This is another one of the "castles" you can find in Denmark as slot is translatable into a castle. It was finished in 1746 and its furnished with 250 years old furniture. Around the castle there is a beautiful park that is open for public viewing.

Ledreborg Slot